Tuesday, February 15, 2011

house decorating

We've recently made some changes in the living room, at last! We've stayed there for a year and a half and whatever was there when we started renting out the place, we had until recently. My husband is thinking of getting an XBOX with Kinect for me and my son. And before he does, he wants everything to be in order. He put all the toys in the other room. Left the TV set, DVD player and the cable TV box. He bought a new shelf and put some photo frames. He arranged the living room in such a way that there will be enough space for us to play and maybe do the dance moves when he gets the game station.

My husband is not quite satisfied though. In the effort to have a lot of space, he now has some space on one corner where something has to be put. He's now thinking of getting a floor lamp. I'm not sure when he will get it but it will definitely mean the Kinect purchase will be moved as well.

The TV set that we used to have at the living room is too big he replaced it with the one we have in our room. Now, I am happier because I have never really wanted a TV inside the room. He put a small table where we used to have the TV. And then he bought a very nice table lamp. Now it's nicer to read inside the room. I don't have to disturb my son when he's already asleep.

Doing some interior design work is really fun. It's so pleasant to have an organized home. I'm just so glad my husband likes to arrange and put things in the proper places. All I'm left to do is enjoy and relax.

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