Tuesday, September 29, 2009

prawns in oyster sauce

i cooked prawns in oyster sauce for my husband's packed lunch today. i bet he's gonna love it.

1 small pc of calamansi (calamondin)
1 tbsp chopped garlic
200 grams prawns (peeled)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
cooking oil

1. saute garlic
2. add oyster sauce and a little water. boil
3. add the peeled prawns until the color changed
4. add calamansi juice
5. simmer until sauce is thick and prawns are cooked

you may serve with blanched pechay.

it will look like this...

(picture borrowed from my friend's site; same friend who taught me how to prepare it. thanks ryan!)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

how to help those who were affected by typhoon ondoy

i feel very sad browsing websites and listening to news about the typhoon ondoy. =(

i hope and pray that everyone affected by the calamity will not lose hope.

here's one link on how we can help.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Play time at the park

Gab and I spent almost two hours playing at the park opposite our block yesterday. Gab had lots of fun running and jumping and sliding and screaming with the other kids. It was in the afternoon after school hours that we went to the park. We used to go to parks in the morning but Gab did not enjoy those times because he was alone playing with his mom. Not so much fun for him, I guess. LOL.

Later we'll go to the park again. I love it when Gab enjoys his play time and when he sweats a lot. He's 20 kilos at 23 months... There's a lot to be burned.

gab and his king's crown

i'm very happy that gab can identify a lot of objects already.

TV, aircon, bus, truck, table, chair, spoon, fork, car, toy, laptop, pillow, bed, bag, shoes, slippers, towel and a lot lot more.

he can identify animals.

he knows the parts of his body.

ears, nose, mouth, chin, neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, head, hair, toes, hands, eyes, cheeks, butt, tummy, etc.

he can follow simple instructions. pick up this or that. get mom's phone. keep your toys.. get this and throw this in the trash bin. etc etc.

he knows how to keep his things and which places to put them.

mom made a king's crown out of a cookie box today and gab so loved it. =)

next time i'll try other objects. i'll make him part of the construction also but i got to buy a safer pair of scissors first.

it's so amazing to see how your kid develops and how you see him apply things that you teach him. isn't it wonderful to become a parent?

i'm excited to see a lot more...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wish i have dora's backpack

don't you sometimes wish that you have Dora's backpack? like sometimes when you need something and it's either hard for you to get it or you just don't feel like going out to get it... wouldn't it be nice to have her backpack of everything that you need? right now, i need leeks for the beef that i want to cook. i wish i could just shout and call for backpack.. and backpack will jump up on the air and sing....

Backpack (4 times)
I'm the Backpack
Loaded up with things and nick nacs too
Anything that you might need I got inside for you.
Backpack (4 times)

well, i'm not Dora and I don't have her magical backpack.. got to go to the supermarket and get some leeks...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Gab eats solid food!

Only last month did Gab start to eat solid food. Yes I was busy with facebook, but I was a lot busier with cooking different kinds of food to see what Gab will like. Having him to eat solid food has been our problem. The pediatrician even suggested not giving milk and letting him starve so that he will eat solid food. But of course, I can’t do that to my baby. A friend told me that perhaps I’m not giving gab the food that he likes. And so that’s where the search for the right food started. =)

I feel very happy that the list of gab’s solid food choices have grown longer... here are some of the food that he now eats:

1. Spaghetti in red and white sauce (I put carrots and bell pepper when I cook red sauce; I put mushroom on the white sauce)
2. Mee suah soup with either chicken or pork slices
3. Macaroni soup
4. Maja blanca
5. Spam with real bacon by Hormel
6. Fried fish
7. Fried chicken
8. French fries
9. Sandwiches and hamburgers
10.Crab and corn soup
11.Century tuna
13.Pancit canton (instant lucky me or prepared using yellow noodles)
14.Sandwich with Nutella spread
15.Hello panda cookies
16.Ritz crackers
18.Porridge (minced pork or shredded chicken)
19.Beef in mushroom sauce

There’s a lot more... I’m very happy but worried at the same time. He’s had a pretty good appetite with his solid food but the amount of milk he drinks is the same. Is that normal because he just started eating solid and his body still needs to adjust until such time that his milk intake reduces? Mean time that I’m waiting for his milk appetite to lessen, I’m bringing him outside every day for half an hour or so to walk and play... just to burn some if not all of the extra. I hope we’re on the right track. =)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

been busy with facebook

i have been busy using facebook to find friends and get in touch with them once again. i used to use friendster to know their whereabouts and stuff, but it seems that nowadays, most of my contacts are no longer using friendster. i wonder why. i still visit my friendster page, but just to keep track of my contacts, i signed up for facebook.

still not familiar with a lot of features of the social network site but i'm getting used to it. i enjoy looking at the old pictures. and the chat feature, i like it a lot. i get to chat and get real time replies from my friends when i see them online wherever they are.

well... guess i'm almost done searching about them... maybe i'll be back at my facebook page often to let them know about my whereabouts this time. :-)

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