Monday, September 21, 2009

Gab eats solid food!

Only last month did Gab start to eat solid food. Yes I was busy with facebook, but I was a lot busier with cooking different kinds of food to see what Gab will like. Having him to eat solid food has been our problem. The pediatrician even suggested not giving milk and letting him starve so that he will eat solid food. But of course, I can’t do that to my baby. A friend told me that perhaps I’m not giving gab the food that he likes. And so that’s where the search for the right food started. =)

I feel very happy that the list of gab’s solid food choices have grown longer... here are some of the food that he now eats:

1. Spaghetti in red and white sauce (I put carrots and bell pepper when I cook red sauce; I put mushroom on the white sauce)
2. Mee suah soup with either chicken or pork slices
3. Macaroni soup
4. Maja blanca
5. Spam with real bacon by Hormel
6. Fried fish
7. Fried chicken
8. French fries
9. Sandwiches and hamburgers
10.Crab and corn soup
11.Century tuna
13.Pancit canton (instant lucky me or prepared using yellow noodles)
14.Sandwich with Nutella spread
15.Hello panda cookies
16.Ritz crackers
18.Porridge (minced pork or shredded chicken)
19.Beef in mushroom sauce

There’s a lot more... I’m very happy but worried at the same time. He’s had a pretty good appetite with his solid food but the amount of milk he drinks is the same. Is that normal because he just started eating solid and his body still needs to adjust until such time that his milk intake reduces? Mean time that I’m waiting for his milk appetite to lessen, I’m bringing him outside every day for half an hour or so to walk and play... just to burn some if not all of the extra. I hope we’re on the right track. =)


VJ said...

Nice blog:)... I'm followin it.....

eva said...

wow! mabuti naman dami na sya gusto kainin.

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