Wednesday, September 23, 2009

gab and his king's crown

i'm very happy that gab can identify a lot of objects already.

TV, aircon, bus, truck, table, chair, spoon, fork, car, toy, laptop, pillow, bed, bag, shoes, slippers, towel and a lot lot more.

he can identify animals.

he knows the parts of his body.

ears, nose, mouth, chin, neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, head, hair, toes, hands, eyes, cheeks, butt, tummy, etc.

he can follow simple instructions. pick up this or that. get mom's phone. keep your toys.. get this and throw this in the trash bin. etc etc.

he knows how to keep his things and which places to put them.

mom made a king's crown out of a cookie box today and gab so loved it. =)

next time i'll try other objects. i'll make him part of the construction also but i got to buy a safer pair of scissors first.

it's so amazing to see how your kid develops and how you see him apply things that you teach him. isn't it wonderful to become a parent?

i'm excited to see a lot more...


eva said...

hi dulce laki na ni gabs ah. guwapo baka maging chickboy paglaki. joke.

ingat lagi


gab's mom said...

hahahaha. laki na nga talaga. binata na.

ingat ka din lagi!

sexyjessie said...

So glad your son is growing up. :)

Budi Setiawan said...

wow your son is so handsome,
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