Tuesday, September 01, 2009

been busy with facebook

i have been busy using facebook to find friends and get in touch with them once again. i used to use friendster to know their whereabouts and stuff, but it seems that nowadays, most of my contacts are no longer using friendster. i wonder why. i still visit my friendster page, but just to keep track of my contacts, i signed up for facebook.

still not familiar with a lot of features of the social network site but i'm getting used to it. i enjoy looking at the old pictures. and the chat feature, i like it a lot. i get to chat and get real time replies from my friends when i see them online wherever they are.

well... guess i'm almost done searching about them... maybe i'll be back at my facebook page often to let them know about my whereabouts this time. :-)


sexyjessie said...

Yeah, Facebook is now the in thing.
Welcome. Find me in Facebook too, lmyjes@hotmail.com

eva said...

hi dulce, halos lahat na yata lumipat sa facebook =)


r u s s said...

For me, Facebook is actually better than Friendster. I also noticed that a lot of my friends have deleted their Friendster account and I'm close to doing the same thing -- my reason is that I get invites from people that I don't even know. In Facebook, you can fix your privacy settings and limit what and how much info you'd like to share.

Goodluck and I hope you enjoy Facebook. It does have a lot of apps, quizzes, and games that can be very addicting. Hahaa.

oddsnendspics said...

I have been addicted to facebook before. But not anymore. Grew tired of it.

opung chikal said...

i never use this network till now :(

oddsnendspics said...

You really seem busy with Facebook :D NO new post yet?

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