Wednesday, August 19, 2009

is it true that pinays don't know their body parts and how it works?

my baby went to sleep early tonight so i thought i'd read some news from back home. my eyes were caught by one of the headlines saying "Pinays don’t know their body and how it works".

so i went on and read the article. i thought while reading that really nowadays, the myths and ideas they were talking about are absurd. the article is about an online survey wherein kimberly-clark, makers of kotex and other feminine products, included women in singapore, malaysia, indonesia, vietnam, philippines and india. the kotex bodylife IQ study, which covered 1,800 women aged 12-24 from six asian countries, discovered that there was an “information gap” among young asian women when it came to knowing their body, how it works, and how to take care of it from puberty to womanhood.

according to kimberly-clark, of all the nationalities surveyed, filipinas were the most misinformed. (ouch!)

it's really funny because i know for sure that i heard the myths when i was young... specifically when i started seeing some changes in my body, the age of puberty. i guess every filipina heard them from their aunts, moms and grandparents... or even from their parent, aunt or grandma's amigas. LOL.

some of them are as follows... have a good laugh! i'm sure you'll remember you were once told about 'em... (if you took the surveys, READ! welcome to the information world!!! LOL)

  • For instance, 54 percent of Filipina respondents said drinking beer increases menstrual flow and 38 percent said menstrual blood applied to the face could prevent pimples.
  • One Filipina said that on the first day of her period, she would jump over three steps on their stairs so her menstrual flow would last only three days instead of one week.
  • “Some 26 percent of Filipinas believe that only men have hymens, which is why they are named as such,” the survey said. ---- ugh! this one is not funny anymore!!! hmpf!!!
  • The subject of virginity was also a “mass of confusion” for many Filipina respondents, with 18 percent believing they could lose their virginity by riding a bike.

P.S. for the girls: hey, you're using the internet... i'm pretty sure you don't (or at least no longer) believe in those myths.... i wonder why the respondents (who did the survey online) did not make use of the internet appropriately. ha. ha. ha.

P.S.2. i'm not sure where the respondents have been putting their time on instead of reading (both online and offline)... but for sure, most of the filipinas are already informed and they no longer belive in those myths.... they (who are learned) are just too busy doing their stuff that's why they missed the survey. LOL.


donna510 said...

maybe u can follow those myth as long as it's reliable. i didn't say that those myths are true, but the ancestor might have a right reason with it.

Have a good nite!

r u s s said...

That's interesting. I wonder what the demographics are of the Filipinas that were asked to participate in the survey.

Of course, we cannot do away with the myths. They're still part of our culture. They were passed on from one generation to another, but I'd like to think that we're a lot smarter than past generations.

Thanks for sharing this one. They should interview another segment of the market. :D


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know all those myths, except for the hymen :D

Well, I don't know from where do they conduct the survey :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! But I think the first one is the most stupid. I heard that from my mom. I would like to believe I am an obedient child but at that particular moment I gave her a deaf ear. :p

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