Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is it the washing machine?

Remember when I said I'll have one of the automatic washing machines on my album? I wrote it in "getting used to doing the laundry ". I said that I'd like to have a washing machine that takes care of everything from start to finish but it'just too expensive. Well, guess what? I did not buy, but I got to use one!
I'm in Singapore right now. My baby and I came here to visit his dad. That's the reason why my laundry task is no sweat. And, that's also the reason I was missing here for quite some time. A couple of weeks before we left the Philippines, I became very busy. I bought stuff for my husband. I applied for my baby's passport. I had to do a lot of things so that everything will be okay when we leave.
I like it here. I don't know if it's because this place is really nice... or it's just that I want to be with my husband.
Or, maybe it's the washing machine!!! LOL.


Analou and Bones said...

I guess its both my friend. But I don't know if its only me but at first I was very excited coming here in the US. Very, very excited that I can't wait to see this beautiful country. Now I am here, I miss my homeland not only my friends, relatives and family but I like the simplicity of life there. Here it seems time runs so fast. Everything should be fast here. Everybody always wants to be in a rush, from working to eating. There is indeed no place like home as for me.

myunrevealedthoughts said...

Probably it is because of the washing machine, ha ha.

I also spotted that kind of washing machine at SM Appliance Center. They have the 0% interest on credit cards, and it will just require me to pay around PhP1,500.00 monthly, which is almost the same price we pay to our labandera. I asked my siblings if they wanted to purchase that, but they told me not to. They won't want to make our labandera unemployed :D

Anyhow, enjoy your stay at SG. And bring me back some chocolates, LOL!

eugene said...

i dont love to use the washing machine,i use it only for the dryer,i would first scrub the clothes, rinse them a few times then drop them into the washing machine dryer,,,

hey have a great weekend ya

r u s s said...

I think it's a tough job to be a mom so if you find or think that there's something that will make things a lot easier for you -- go.Ü That's what I always tell my mom.


ezekiel13 said...

ei duls nasa SG ka pala ha... hanggang kelan ka jan? makikita mo kaibahan ng Pinas no? I wish you the best!! sana sama-sama na kayo nina Pareng Dennis at Gab...

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