Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arroyo did not categorically tackle a transition to a new government in her SONA?

siyetehan, posted a comment that says PGMA "didn't confirm nor deny her plans after 2010." (see siyetehan's comment on my previous post).

Well, will the contents of the SONA really keep all of us waiting until 2010?

I searched for the statements that they said were the confirmation of former Presidents Aquino and Ramos and yeah, they were clear about it.

Mrs. Aquino in 1991 said "On June 30, 1992, the traditional ceremony of political succession will unfold at the Luneta. The last time it was done that way was in 1965. I shall be there with you to proudly witness the event,"

Mr. Ramos said "I will be working and governing -- you will all feel and hear and see me working and governing as your president -- until I turn over the presidency to the 13th president of the republic at high noon on 30 June 1998."

How about this for PGMA?
"At the end of this speech I shall step down from this stage, but not from the Presidency. My term does not end until next year. Until then, I will fight for the ordinary Filipino. The nation comes first. There is much to do as head of state – to the very last day."

My term does not end until next year.

Anyway, we can only wait and see. Right?

You can read the SONA here.


Anonymous said...

PGMA's SONA is unclear. She could have stated clearly everything. Her statement that her term does not end until next year could mean different things to different people. It would mean that for a span of a year, she could still do something just to stay as the president of the Philippines. She could have been very clear like Pres. Cory and Pres. Ramos; unless otherwise she has something else in mind.

Syifa said...

my condolence to Mdm Aquino.
How r u?

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