Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comfy house with attractive landscape designs? I love them!

It’s a bit warm but I still managed to bring my baby to sleep for his afternoon nap. I browsed online to check how hot it is and found on Weather in Philippines – Manila that it’s 86 degrees. In Singapore it’s around 87 degrees right now. If maybe in the future I’d live somewhere else, I want to go to a place with around the same temperature as our home. Why? Because I know the house setup can be the same. We can have the same comfy house with nice gardens and pathways and landscapes. In Arizona, the average temperature now is also warm. I think that if I’ll live in Arizona, I’d love to have my pathway landscape designed and maintained for me. Just like in the nice photos of houses with attractive landscape designs that I saw when I tried to browse about Arizona. Isn’t it relaxing when you have beautiful surroundings? I think I'd love to live or visit there someday.

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