Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Photo Tag

I received a tag from Analou few days ago but i wasn't able to grab it immediately. The reason is because I wanted to post the tenth photo from a recently saved photo folder. :-) Oh, I realized just now that perhaps this is the reason why I thought of going out with my baby... to actually have new photos taken!!! Thanks again Analou for inspiring me to really go out and have fun time with my kid.

So here goes the tenth photo from my recently saved photo folder!

That is Gab's way of showing us his "happy smile". We normally have difficulties taking his picture because he moves a lot. So every time we want to take a real nice shot, we have to say "Smile for the camera!"

This photo was taken at the Children's Activity Area. A lot of kids were lined up to have their photos taken on this Dry Diving Suit (I'm just guessing, because it looks like a space suit but with an underwater background). This is an advertisement board of Bibbo cheesedog. (By the way, I buy Bibbo Cheesedog because aside from being affordable, Gab likes it also.)

There goes my tenth photo on the recently saved photo folder!!!

I'd like to invite the following friends to grab this tag and also post the tenth photo on their photo folder. We'll be happy to read what you have to say!

S-H-Y of ChitChat About Entertainment
SAM.AE of Book.Girl
CARMS of Carm's Page

and to everyone who will read this post!


John Bueno said...


IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU VISIT ME TOO @ http://www.kumagcow.com and http://techcow.blogspot.com


Syifa said...

Good day mommy,
u have such a funny boy.

Carms said...

cute boy

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