Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's time!

Check out this new site. It talks about an advocacy which I truly believe in. Take time to read.. learn... and hopefully, take actions!

About It's Time

While nearly all Filipinos dream of being healthy, wealthy and happy, not many are able to translate these desires into actions, much less realities.

We want to be healthy, but we eat junk, live sedentary lives, and see the doctor only when we're sick. We want to be wealthy but we don't map out a plan to be rich; and when we do, we falter at implementation. We want to be happy, but usually and mostly in the short term only
Perhaps it's because we take time for granted.

We feel no urgency in looking after our health, our finances, our future. We find excuses to justify our actions when we deviate from the budget, when we miss the regular deposit or investment, when we defer taking out a life insurance policy, when we leave the education of our children to chances, when we allow our debts to dominate our financial concerns, when we buy items that we do not even need, when we defer for tomorrow that which we intended to do today. .

Fortunately, we form part of the problem just as much as we hold the solution in our very hands. And now more than ever, we must wield our arms to safeguard our financial and economic well being. To not do so, is to endanger and risk our right to live a decent if not a comfortable life.


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