Sunday, July 12, 2009

Manila Ocean Park Adventure

I was supposed to bring Gab to the studio to have his ID picture taken when my niece and I decided to go for a fun walk instead. We went to the Manila Ocean Park!!!

We were five in the group when we went there. All of us have never been to the place. We were all excited. As always, I was excited because I knew it was going to be a very fun learning adventure for Gab.

I'm sharing the photos below!!!

Gab enjoyed a lot. He was so tired when we arrived home. But when he woke up the next morning and I asked him if he had a good night's sleep... he smiled and showed me how a fish swims. As if he was still savoring the experience. When I asked if he wants to go back with his Dad, he nodded his head several times as if he wanted to go right there and then.

As a mom, I find it very delighting to see my son enjoy trips like that. And more than just the fun, I enjoy the learning that he gains. I'm sure he enjoyed the colors, the creatures, the people and the place. I hope to bring Gab more learning somewhere else, soon! ;-)


ezekiel13 said...

nice pix! i like Gab's Spongebob shirt hehe.. I'm a big fan of Spongebob.. Gab is so cute. I salute the men and women behind the beauty of the Manila Ocean Park...

jerryjames007 said...

i miss baby gab! he is super cute. he knows now how to project in front of the camera...tita pin

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