Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tropicana Juicy Pulp

This is Judy Ann Santos' Tropicana Juicy Pulp commercial.

When I saw this the first time, I thought that the line "Ito ang sa iba, SAPAL" did not sound appealing. I don't know why, but I just thought that maybe there's a better way of saying this; particularly the word SAPAL.

When I was watching the TV earlier, I saw this new version of the same commercial. They changed the line! It was something like "Ito ang sa iba, pisa at halos walang laman."

I don't know what made them change the line. Was it because I did not like it the first time? LOL. Maybe there's just a better way of saying it...

By the way, I like Tropicana juice drink that’s why I wrote about this. ;-)

PS: I used Google's tool in translating SAPAL in English and got "PULP" for the translation. Maybe they changed it because it would make more sense to say that there's no juice in the pulp (halos pisa at walang laman) than saying SAPAL (which means pulp) and not be clear whether it's a juicy pulp or not... well, that's just a thought.

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