Wednesday, July 15, 2009

DFA Passport Appointment System by Internet

Although we do not have plans of going abroad yet, my husband and I decided to get Gab a passport already.

Since I couldn't recall the requirements anymore because it's been years since I applied for my own passport, I checked the DFA website to see the checklist of requirements.

There are several ways of getting the passport.
1. Go to the DFA in Pasay City and apply personally on the spot! After all the requirements for the day, get your claim stub and either come back on the release date or have it mailed to your house/office (with extra cost of course).
2. Log on to the DFA Passport Appointment System, wait for the confirmation sent to your email and show up on the confirmed date and time. Get the claim stub and either come back or have it mailed to your home or office address.
3. Let an agency process the application for you and show up on the scheduled time and date. Then wait for the agency to deliver to you the passport.

Because I can't afford to wait on queue, spend the entire day and leave my baby for someone else to look after him, I decided to go for number 3. It's a little expensive for some. But when I computed the cost of my transportation going to the place and back home, cost of the food that I will eat and the time... it's cheaper actually.

Following were the requirements that we prepared:
1. 3 pcs passport size photo, with royal blue background
2. NSO authenticated birth certificate
3. Accomplished application form
4. Since my baby is a minor, I prepared the marriage certificate
5. I also attached my passport

I paid Php 1500 for the following:
1. Pick up of the documents from my home address.
2. Submission of the application and documents and arrangement of schedule when I will personally appear at the DFA.
3. Delivery of the passport at my home address.

Again, it may be expensive to some. But I did my math and it turned out that it's actually cheaper. And, I don't have to leave my baby. And, I don't have to sweat all day and wait on queue.

If you're also a mom who don't want to burn time in processing this important document or you're simply a single person who'd rather go shopping than spend long hours at that government office, go for the third option.

P.S. There are a lot of agencies providing this service. Just be sure you do some background check or your documents (or worst, your identity) might be stolen. My sister already had several transactions with the agency that's why I'm not worried.


GB said...

in Indonesia, we are not doing that thing yet

myunrevealedthoughts said...

Ako, wala pa rin akong passport, kasi tinatamad pa ako kumuha. Need ko pa kasi magpa-clear sa DOST. hehehe

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