Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Passport size, royal blue background, ID photo

Since Gab and I missed our target of having his ID picture taken last weekend, we went to the mall this morning to have it accomplished.

As I ordered a “passport size, royal blue background, ID photo”, Gab started to be all over the place. Every face behind the glass divider in that studio was smiling… they all looked entertained by my baby’s exercise (he was walking, and running and reaching for the photo frames hanging on the wall). Then in my mind, I started guessing who among them will be the lucky photographer. I wondered if he’s going to have the same sweet smile when he deals with the (tough, I bet) photo shoot.

My pick for the lucky photographer was wrong, but my bet was right. It was a tough one! The first challenge was to let Gab sit on the chair and stay put. We were not successful. I ended up grabbing another chair so that I can sit beside him and pretend that I was also included in the picture.

When Gab was already convinced that someone’s going to take a shot, he started showing us his “happy smile”. Mr. Photographer’s lines were as funny.

No lips!
No eyes!
Looking at the lizard (when he was caught looking up at the ceiling on one shot).
Not looking at the lens!

There were a lot more. But as my temper was starting to eat me and as my list of his lines grew longer, I thought that it’s my lucky day! It (maybe) is not Mr. Photographer’s lucky day but to me it was. Why? Because despite all the tricks that Gab showed him, he managed to stay patient and nice to my baby.

After more or less twenty shots, this is the most decent that we got. Thanks to Mr. Photographer. No smile was caught, but this one is acceptable.

Oh, I think I used the wrong word.. or maybe I should add.. I also think that one decent and acceptable shot is really presentable. :-)


Unknown said...

Gab sure looks cool and very charming too, tell whom does he resemble more,you or your hubby?

seriously, really enjoy looking at him,

take care now

gab's mom said...

hey eugene. thanks for your comment. i think he looks more like my hubby. ;-)

jerry james m de la torre said...

this time the photographer is lucky enough to have a picture of gab that is sooo serious.haha! he looks like he wanted to visit his dad soon in sg. :)... tita pin

sundayitsreginalove said...

kamuka mo kaya si gab!!!

羊肉羹麵Paul said...


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