Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ginebra or San Miguel; who will win the Motolite PBA Fiesta Conference crown?

I'm not really a basketball fan but I used to watch the summer games when I was in high school. Again, it's not because I'm a fan but I guess I just wanted to follow the trend when I was younger. Teenagers see cool guys and pretty girls when watching the games. I see cool guys... Cool guys see pretty girls (wink wink LOL!!!).

Alright, enough of the cool guys and pretty girls stuff. I wrote about basketball because of the following reasons:

1. This was what I read a little earlier:
"And after 48 minutes of Game Seven tonight, there will only be one team to be toasted – either Ginebra or San Miguel."

2. I think I should start reading about basketball because it might become one of Gab's interests. When Gab was only one year old, we brought him to his cousin's basketball game. That's when Gab started to like basketball. He watches the basketball games on TV. He knows how to dribble. He throws the ball... not in the hoop... but just anywhere and he thinks every throw is a good shot! LOL.

3. Even if I'm not a fan, I dream of watching a PBA game... or, maybe an NBA game!!

I bet the PBA fans are all excited to watch tonight. I hope I can seat with you guys on one of the final games in the future. :-)


Anonymous said...

talo Ginebra. Huhu!

Actually di na ko mahilig manood ng PBA ngayon. wala na kasing masyadong exhibition. i love jawo-locsin-david-aquino-hizon days. but i still cheer for Ginebra kapag nakakapanood pag minsan. un nga lang talo. un lang po gusto ko lang pong ishare. :p

KunthanRaj said...

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analou said...

I like basketball too. I've been watching the last NBA play offs. If I am at work I asked my husband who won the game. When I was in high school and college too, I watched PBA games. It's really and interesting game. Wow...maybe your son will become one of the players of the PBA or NBA someday.

Anonymous said...

San Miguel Beermen won :)
Anyway, they deserved it, and an applause should be given to Jonas Villanueva, the finals MVP :)

I too would want to watch NBA, or just see Michael Jordan or Ray Allen in person :D

Anonymous said...

Next season, during the eliminations, I will surely watch one of the Purefoods Ball Games. Hope to see you there. Bring Gab along :)

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