Sunday, July 26, 2009

9th SONA of PGMA

Will this really be President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's 9th and last State of the Nation Address? I don't listen a lot to SONAs; I'm just not interested. But being the Philippine President with the longest term second to Marcos, I thought that I'd listen to her SONA today to find out if she will really push for the Charter change to lengthen her service (like what people against her are saying) .

I bet by now, a lot of protesters are already marching to the venue... or maybe most of them have already populated the vicinity rallying around the place (and some other places around the country). We were at the UP Diliman Campus yesterday to do ocular visit of the exam room for the upcoming UPCAT exam of my niece; we already saw one banner... it says, NO TO Charter Change!

I'll listen to the SONA to find out if there's gonna be another SONA coming up from her. Let's be quiet, watch and listen.


siyetehan said...

apparently, she didn't confirm nor deny her plans after 2010.

keeps us still guessing....

Anonymous said...

I too don't find any interest on SONAs. Specially on the way politics had been in our country.

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