Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my sister's friend needs information about 22 Inch TV

I'm so jealous. We visited three friends over the weekend and they all got LCD TVs. My sister also asked me to search for websites where she can find prices and reviews of 22 Inch TV because one of her friends who also works as a nurse in the UK is planning to buy one. Could it be that I'm seeing all these LCD TVs in their houses and I'm hearing news about more people buying their own unit because it's time to get one for myself also? LOL. I can hear my husband saying "keep trying" with a grin on his face.

I wish I can get one also. But, there are some more important things that we need to proritize. And, I understand.

celebrating my fourth year being a happy wife

We just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary a couple of days ago and I’m so glad that we (my husband and I) are both joyful and contented. When we got married, we were very happy that we’re at last one in everything. Little did we know that there really are a lot of ups and downs. We were too proud to say that it all depends on how much two people love each other. We did not realize that we have differences yet to be discovered and that there are people around us who will add challenge to our relationship. We’re just as glad that we have managed to pass through all the trials for four years. And, we are praying that everything will be just as fine in the years to come.

I think I found the house plan that I've been wanting to build

This is a sponsored post written by Gab's Mom.

I mentioned before that my husband found a new place because Gab and I are staying with him for good. The house that he got is clean but it’s so simple and dull. I thought that maybe if we’ll find ideas on how to set it up so that the place will look exciting and somewhat stylish, we’ll enjoy the place better. I found great information in one website and they got thousands of house plans and home plans. Can someone tell me how I can earn extra dollars? I think I want to build a house when we go home to the Philippines. =)

new year's resolution

gab and i had ice cream and fried meat loaf for snack earlier. gab saw the left over meat loaf from our breakfast and asked me for it. but since i was eating ice cream when he went out of the room after his siesta, he also asked me to give him some ice cream.

i think i'm feeling nervous again... we're getting bigger and bigger.. could losing weight be on my new year's resolution list again? yay, when will it ever leave my list? LOL.

my sister got a new 22 LCD TV that Gab will surely enjoy

My sister told me that they got another 22 LCD because my nephews fight over the first LCD TV that they got. All four kids want to get their own 22 LCD in each of their rooms. As much as my sister would like to buy one for each of the kids, she said it would cost her a lot and it will mean a lot of overtime work.

I told my husband that it would be nice to get an LCD TV also especially that Gab likes watching a lot. He will enjoy more because of the wider screen display and the better picture and sound quality. My husband said we can look around for info on which brand to get but it’s just not time yet. I wonder when it’s time. LOL.

Monday, December 14, 2009

all i needed was a soothing warm bath

it's so funny when you realize after a soothing warm bath that you were acting as though every one around you was trying to spoil your day when in fact it was all you who is being so unreasonable.

getting up in the morning is not so nice when you feel pain all over your body. i've been carrying gab a lot lately because he's been all grumpy since he had his fever for almost a week. even now that he's okay already, he still asks me to carry him from time to time... especially when he wants to sleep. he lacked sleep during the time that he was sick that's why he's trying to get as much sleep as he can now. he's more than 20 kilos and anyone would lose breath carrying him for long hours.

last night before going to sleep, my husband told me to wake him up early so that he can go for a 30-minute jogging. and so i woke him up early and he told me he's still very sleepy to get up. i got so irritated that i told him not to ever ask me again to wake him up early to exercise because he will never exercise anyway. i heard "what's wrong with you?" the bad mood day started early today.

and all throughout the day... i heard maybe three or four more "what's wrong with you?" from people i love. then i thought, "yeah, what's wrong with me?"

took a warm bath... sent sorry SMS. it was something like "i'm so sorry to upset you. it was late when i realized i needed a warm bath. Again, sorry."

they all understood and said next time they'll ask "do you need a warm bath?" instead of "what's wrong with you?"

that's why i love these people. =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

we need an aircon for the other room

After four months of sharing a flat with my brother's friend, my husband decided to get his own place because he wants me and my baby to stay here with him. He did not want us to share the place because my baby is growing fast and he needs a place where he can play around and go around whenever he wants. A place where we can accommodate his tantrums and a place where we can encourage his curiousness. my brother's friend is nice to us but that's the problem in sharing a house with someone who's not a friend or a relative... you can't move freely because you want to be very considerate you'd limit your access to the place.

Having a place of your own is very expensive here in Singapore. I don't know but for me, it's way too expensive. good thing we know someone close to us who also works here and we plan to talk to him so that if he has plans of moving, we can share the place. It’s always better when you are confident with the person you'll be sharing the house with. You can be considerate in a relaxed manner. LOL.

If he decides to join us, we only need to buy an aircon unit for his room. We already scouted for the best places to get one. My husband said it's very important to know the A/C compressor specs in order to buy the most suitable unit for the size of room where we will install it. Although most of the places for rent here are fully furnished, the place that we got is semi furnished. It’s cheaper than the other places that we saw but we need to shell out cash if there's a need to buy some appliances.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

less worried now

i'm less worried now. we had gab checked by a doctor last night and we were given suppository for his fever instead of oral medicine. the doctor gave it because i told her that it is very difficult to give oral medicine to gab. since we gave him the first bullet, he did not have very high fever. the doctor said it's a viral fever and that we just need to wait for the fever to pass. she said that rashes may appear after the fever is gone and that we should not worry about it.

the doctor said this has nothing to do with pneumonia and that gab's lungs are pretty clear.

gab is still sleeping as i write this. i hope his fever would go away completely now...

p.s. thanks sexyjessie for your advice and concern. it means a lot.

get well gab

i'm so worried about my kid. he's got fever again. he does not want to take his medicine. week before we went back here in singapore with his dad, gab got confined in the hospital due to pneumonia. he was admitted because he does not want to take his medicines and his fever was on and off. he also did not want to eat. he was slightly dehydrated when we brought him to the hospital.

i am praying so hard that this time, his fever is not in anyway related to the pneumonia findings (i'm hopeful because this time he doesn't have cough or colds). i hope that he will get well already. i can't sleep at night and during the day even if i feel very sleepy already because i'm monitoring his body temperature and i want to observe him for any other symptoms.

i'm just waiting for my husband. after office, we'll have gab checked at a nearby clinic.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Santa Claus

Gab and I just finished watching clips about Santa Claus on www.youtube.com . I decided to let him see those pictures and video clips because Christmas is fast approaching. He sure will see a lot of Santas on the streets and malls. I hope that this time, Gab will not be scared anymore. Last Christmas when we went to Enchanted Kingdom, Gab cried when Santa started to do the "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas" thing. LOL

Who is Santa anyway?

When I was young, I just knew that Santa is a Christmas character. And, he's the one putting toys, chocolates, money and presents that we wish for in stockings that we hang on the Christmas tree on the Christmas eve. He's the one who sees us when we do things that we're not supposed to do. That's his basis of whether we will have an empty stockings or not. Then, one fogy Christmas eve, my brother accidentally opened my mom's drawer and found a lot of chocolates and presents. The following morning, we saw those presents in our Christmas stockings. So I thought Santa is not real. Then the line, "Santa will not give your wishes if you don't do as you're told" was not effective anymore. And then my parents found different ways that worked.

Now that I've grown a little matured, ehem, I have come to realize that Santa is a symbol of love... of giving. We give a lot when we love. And when we love, we give even if we know no one's giving something in return.

While talking to a friend (a mom of a boy who's 3 years older than Gab), she asked me if we will let Gab believe in the "Santa" who sees him when he's naughty or nice and I did not know what to say. I think that I will. But I guess I'll also tell him that Santa doesn't expect a gift in return but he might want to consider it. (Maybe I'll just tell him to let mommy take care of the shipping because he's too young to handle it. ;-)

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