Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Santa Claus

Gab and I just finished watching clips about Santa Claus on www.youtube.com . I decided to let him see those pictures and video clips because Christmas is fast approaching. He sure will see a lot of Santas on the streets and malls. I hope that this time, Gab will not be scared anymore. Last Christmas when we went to Enchanted Kingdom, Gab cried when Santa started to do the "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas" thing. LOL

Who is Santa anyway?

When I was young, I just knew that Santa is a Christmas character. And, he's the one putting toys, chocolates, money and presents that we wish for in stockings that we hang on the Christmas tree on the Christmas eve. He's the one who sees us when we do things that we're not supposed to do. That's his basis of whether we will have an empty stockings or not. Then, one fogy Christmas eve, my brother accidentally opened my mom's drawer and found a lot of chocolates and presents. The following morning, we saw those presents in our Christmas stockings. So I thought Santa is not real. Then the line, "Santa will not give your wishes if you don't do as you're told" was not effective anymore. And then my parents found different ways that worked.

Now that I've grown a little matured, ehem, I have come to realize that Santa is a symbol of love... of giving. We give a lot when we love. And when we love, we give even if we know no one's giving something in return.

While talking to a friend (a mom of a boy who's 3 years older than Gab), she asked me if we will let Gab believe in the "Santa" who sees him when he's naughty or nice and I did not know what to say. I think that I will. But I guess I'll also tell him that Santa doesn't expect a gift in return but he might want to consider it. (Maybe I'll just tell him to let mommy take care of the shipping because he's too young to handle it. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Better late than never................

ezekiel13 said...

buti ka nga santa na nakilala mo is your parents, ako nga eh akala ko sya yung nagpapapremyo sa christmas raffle sa baranggay namin dati kase ask nila ako nung bata ako, ano wish mo kay Santa Claus? sabay roll ng tambiolo.. hehe...

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