Sunday, December 13, 2009

we need an aircon for the other room

After four months of sharing a flat with my brother's friend, my husband decided to get his own place because he wants me and my baby to stay here with him. He did not want us to share the place because my baby is growing fast and he needs a place where he can play around and go around whenever he wants. A place where we can accommodate his tantrums and a place where we can encourage his curiousness. my brother's friend is nice to us but that's the problem in sharing a house with someone who's not a friend or a relative... you can't move freely because you want to be very considerate you'd limit your access to the place.

Having a place of your own is very expensive here in Singapore. I don't know but for me, it's way too expensive. good thing we know someone close to us who also works here and we plan to talk to him so that if he has plans of moving, we can share the place. It’s always better when you are confident with the person you'll be sharing the house with. You can be considerate in a relaxed manner. LOL.

If he decides to join us, we only need to buy an aircon unit for his room. We already scouted for the best places to get one. My husband said it's very important to know the A/C compressor specs in order to buy the most suitable unit for the size of room where we will install it. Although most of the places for rent here are fully furnished, the place that we got is semi furnished. It’s cheaper than the other places that we saw but we need to shell out cash if there's a need to buy some appliances.

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