Wednesday, December 09, 2009

get well gab

i'm so worried about my kid. he's got fever again. he does not want to take his medicine. week before we went back here in singapore with his dad, gab got confined in the hospital due to pneumonia. he was admitted because he does not want to take his medicines and his fever was on and off. he also did not want to eat. he was slightly dehydrated when we brought him to the hospital.

i am praying so hard that this time, his fever is not in anyway related to the pneumonia findings (i'm hopeful because this time he doesn't have cough or colds). i hope that he will get well already. i can't sleep at night and during the day even if i feel very sleepy already because i'm monitoring his body temperature and i want to observe him for any other symptoms.

i'm just waiting for my husband. after office, we'll have gab checked at a nearby clinic.

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sexyjessie said...

Hey I do sincerely that Gab will be well soon.

Pls let him have lots of fluids and minimise outside contacts.

Pls update me on Gab's well being.

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