Monday, December 14, 2009

all i needed was a soothing warm bath

it's so funny when you realize after a soothing warm bath that you were acting as though every one around you was trying to spoil your day when in fact it was all you who is being so unreasonable.

getting up in the morning is not so nice when you feel pain all over your body. i've been carrying gab a lot lately because he's been all grumpy since he had his fever for almost a week. even now that he's okay already, he still asks me to carry him from time to time... especially when he wants to sleep. he lacked sleep during the time that he was sick that's why he's trying to get as much sleep as he can now. he's more than 20 kilos and anyone would lose breath carrying him for long hours.

last night before going to sleep, my husband told me to wake him up early so that he can go for a 30-minute jogging. and so i woke him up early and he told me he's still very sleepy to get up. i got so irritated that i told him not to ever ask me again to wake him up early to exercise because he will never exercise anyway. i heard "what's wrong with you?" the bad mood day started early today.

and all throughout the day... i heard maybe three or four more "what's wrong with you?" from people i love. then i thought, "yeah, what's wrong with me?"

took a warm bath... sent sorry SMS. it was something like "i'm so sorry to upset you. it was late when i realized i needed a warm bath. Again, sorry."

they all understood and said next time they'll ask "do you need a warm bath?" instead of "what's wrong with you?"

that's why i love these people. =)

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