Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gaming addiction

My nephew is really addicted to gaming already. He starts playing at seven in the evening (just after he's done with the dinner) and stops when his mom does not stop stopping him anymore... that's maybe around two in the morning. Even when they have classes the following day, they could not stop him from playing. He does not care about his home works. He does not care about his grades. All he cares about is the enjoyment he gets when playing computer games.

Recently, my sister told me that the the boy searched for game torrents and he's up to some new games on the Internet again. I’m not sure how he became this addicted to gaming considering that he's only less than ten years old.

I told my sister to limit his son's access to the computer. Not only does it affect his school performance... it also worsens his health. He became underweight since he started this gaming thing. I told her to change the computer's password or block the gaming sites so that he can only use the Internet to do his assignments at school.

I hope that it's not too late yet to impose on my nephew some rules regarding this. I read some cases wherein kids need medical treatment already for having gaming or internet or computer addiction. I feel sad every time I think about this. I wish my sister will be stronger this time.

lantern display at the marina floating platform

we went to the chinese new year's lantern display at the floating platform the other night and we really enjoyed the displays. gab had a lot of photos taken.

they showcased lanterns including the god of fortune and the 12 signs of the chinese zodiac. we experienced catching confetti from the god of fortune and it was really fun joining the crowd to catch some confetti.

when we arrived home, i immidiately posted the pictures on facebook and while we were viewing the photos, we saw again how fast gab is growing. he lost a little weight and became taller. maybe it's because he's been dancing a lot lately. probably i should start dancing with him because i see that it is effective. LOL.

here are some of the pictures.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Basketball Superstar

His dad captured a very nice photo of Gab... Look how fast he's growing! Time flies!!

I love looking at this picture again and again.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fat burning tips needed!

How come there are people who eat a lot and yet they do not gain weight at all? It's just so unfair! LOL. I've been battling against weight gain for who knows how long and it distresses me much more to see sexy people eating to the content of their hearts without worrying about getting flabs! Especially when I see them drown themselves in sweet treats. I envy them so much.

I feel muscle pain around my belly as I write and here comes my friend messaging me that she wants to gain 10 pounds more! I think it's time for me to try diet products to help my ever so inconsistent exercise habits. I tried the Tae Bo CD that a friend gaev me and I just can't follow everything. I've seen a lot of products, one of them is the Promedis. I guess I should take things easy. Will try to do the Tae Bo exercise as often as I can and then decide whether I need to match it with some diet products or not.

I'm just not sure what to do now but I'll keep up. I'm certain though that I don't want losing weight to be part of my 2011 new year's resolution again.

Care to share your secrets to losing weight?

i hope gab will like mommy's cooking

I have been searching kid's meal recipes since we were advised by the Doctor to control Gab's weight gain. I have found some yummy and interesting recipes already and I hope to try each of them soon. I hope Gab will like mommy's cooking.

Should we let Gab sleep on his own bed?

Gab has really grown a lot. We brought him to the Doctor's clinic the other day for follow up of his check up for cough and the Doctor told us that we need to somehow control his weight gain. He's gained two kilograms within the past two months and the Doctor advised us to nail the weight to that number in order for Gab to grow taller.

We need to buy new clothes and shoes for him again. And we're thinking of getting another bed already. He still sleeps with us and when all three of us are on the bed, we cannot move and have comfortable sleep.

I've been looking around for options and I think I want to get an airbed. I saw some information on air beds that have a pump inside them and I think I can convince my husband to get one. I tried my friend's airbed and I like it. I guess it's convenient to have one at home. You can keep it when not needed and easily set it up when you have guests. In our case, I plan to buy a single airbed for Gab. We will put it inside our room and test if he's ready to sleep alone on his own bed. Then maybe later we can move him to the other room. Or if not, we can just keep it and try again after a few months.

excited to see the singapore airshow 2010 a little later today

i'm excited because we will be seeing the airshow later today. we will go there with friends. we plan to see the first airshow scheduled at 11:30 am and roam around to see the displays afterwards.

we will leave the house early because we'll eat lunch early together with our friends. i'm so excited to see how gab will enjoy the show. =)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Silent Time

Before I left my previous job to make way to my full time mom career, my friends at work told me to blog. I have seen how they earned money from blogging and blogging became one of their stress outlets. I thought that if they can do it, then maybe I can, too.

They gave me a checklist on what I should do. Number one on the list was to search for webhosting providers and get myself my own domain name. Then they told me I should update my blog often. Then I should visit other blogs and get to know the people who also visit my site. They also gave me articles to read to guide me in making my own blog.

I've been blogging for quite a while now. Blogging has also become one of my stress outlets just like it did to my friends. It gives me my "silent time". It relaxes me. When I go back and read my posts, it makes me happy. Even with all the things that I need to get done at home, I try to write. Blogging reminds me that somewhere, there's a place where I can go to stop, rest and simply write.

Three youths arrested for posting racist remarks on Facebook

As I open the door for my husband this morning, he handed me the newspaper on the page which says "Three youths arrested for posting racist remarks on Facebook".

Facebooking as I said has become one of my past times and so I immediately read the news post. It's not that I do such thing (like posting racist or mean remarks online) but I wanted to find out the details. Apparently, three Chinese youths, aged between 17 and 18, have been arrested for posting racist remarks on Facebook. I read on and found out that under Singapore's Sedition Act, anyone found guilty of promoting feeling of ill-will and hostility between different races can be fined up to $5000 and/or jailed up to three years if he is a first-time offender.

It's nice to know that there are certain rules that control the possible abuse that anyone can do when using the Internet.

Place for tourists

My sister called me up to ask if her husband's relatives can use our extra room during their stay here in Singapore next week. There are five of them. Aside from the small space, there are no beddings enough to give them a comfortable sleep. I suggested for her to look online for cheap yet comfortable place where they can rest after a day's tiring tour.

It's not an easy thing to find a nice place to rent. When my friend moved to Bangkok, she told me that she spent weeks to find websites and newspapers with information on condo and apartment rentals in bangkok. Bangkok Condos and Apartment rentals are always seen on newspapers but finding real cheap condo rentals bangkok is difficult. It's a good thing she's settled already and she said she can call it her new home now.

I hope my sister won't find it difficult to find a place for her hubby's relatives. Do you have some info to share on this?

In the news: Toyota's US sales signals 'uphill battle'

When talking about owning a car, my husband would always tell me that he wants one from Toyota. And every time, I would always tell him that whatever type of car that is, I would love to ride on it as long as he's the one driving. Later on, when I saw the Suzuki swift, I changed my mind and told him he can get whatever car he wants as long as he buys me a Suzuki Swift... a white one.

With the recent breaking news on recalled vehicles by the Japan-based carmaker, Toyota, my husband told me that it's a good thing he doesn't have money yet to buy a car! LOL.

News said that more than 7.6 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled by Toyota for defects linked to sudden acceleration. The said carmaker faces US congressional hearings and a rising number of product liability lawsuits.

I wonder if I can spot the Toyota defect because my passengers always complain about sudden acceleration when I drive. LOL! I got to learn how to drive smoothly if my hubby will later buy me a Swift! =)

Backed up the files

I just finished backing up the files on the laptop. It's part of the regular maintenance that we do to keep the laptop's performance okay. It's a good thing that my husband bought a hard drive 1tb during the IT show at Suntec City last year. Before, I needed to discard similar looking pictures but now, I'm so happy I can save all the photos without worrying about the available memory space that we got.

She got hired fast!

My friend got a job at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It was a very fast employment hiring process. She was very lucky to pass the resume on Thursday last week, got interviewed Monday and will sign the employment contract today. Even she could not believe that she'll be working soon.

For job hunters, here is their website!
Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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