Friday, February 05, 2010

Should we let Gab sleep on his own bed?

Gab has really grown a lot. We brought him to the Doctor's clinic the other day for follow up of his check up for cough and the Doctor told us that we need to somehow control his weight gain. He's gained two kilograms within the past two months and the Doctor advised us to nail the weight to that number in order for Gab to grow taller.

We need to buy new clothes and shoes for him again. And we're thinking of getting another bed already. He still sleeps with us and when all three of us are on the bed, we cannot move and have comfortable sleep.

I've been looking around for options and I think I want to get an airbed. I saw some information on air beds that have a pump inside them and I think I can convince my husband to get one. I tried my friend's airbed and I like it. I guess it's convenient to have one at home. You can keep it when not needed and easily set it up when you have guests. In our case, I plan to buy a single airbed for Gab. We will put it inside our room and test if he's ready to sleep alone on his own bed. Then maybe later we can move him to the other room. Or if not, we can just keep it and try again after a few months.

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Debbie said...

Your little one has outgrown their toddler bed or crib and it’s time to buy their first bed. It is important to choose a comfortable matress that will allow them to sleep comfortably and will not create any problems with their developing bodies. Try having air matresses - whether he'll like it or not, there's still plenty of reasons to use it.

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