Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Place for tourists

My sister called me up to ask if her husband's relatives can use our extra room during their stay here in Singapore next week. There are five of them. Aside from the small space, there are no beddings enough to give them a comfortable sleep. I suggested for her to look online for cheap yet comfortable place where they can rest after a day's tiring tour.

It's not an easy thing to find a nice place to rent. When my friend moved to Bangkok, she told me that she spent weeks to find websites and newspapers with information on condo and apartment rentals in bangkok. Bangkok Condos and Apartment rentals are always seen on newspapers but finding real cheap condo rentals bangkok is difficult. It's a good thing she's settled already and she said she can call it her new home now.

I hope my sister won't find it difficult to find a place for her hubby's relatives. Do you have some info to share on this?


alyn said...

dulce, refer your sis to .

gab's mom said...

thanks alyn!

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