Wednesday, February 03, 2010

In the news: Toyota's US sales signals 'uphill battle'

When talking about owning a car, my husband would always tell me that he wants one from Toyota. And every time, I would always tell him that whatever type of car that is, I would love to ride on it as long as he's the one driving. Later on, when I saw the Suzuki swift, I changed my mind and told him he can get whatever car he wants as long as he buys me a Suzuki Swift... a white one.

With the recent breaking news on recalled vehicles by the Japan-based carmaker, Toyota, my husband told me that it's a good thing he doesn't have money yet to buy a car! LOL.

News said that more than 7.6 million vehicles worldwide have been recalled by Toyota for defects linked to sudden acceleration. The said carmaker faces US congressional hearings and a rising number of product liability lawsuits.

I wonder if I can spot the Toyota defect because my passengers always complain about sudden acceleration when I drive. LOL! I got to learn how to drive smoothly if my hubby will later buy me a Swift! =)

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Alyn said...


swift is now second on my list.. I am hearting the new honda city.. ^_^

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