Sunday, November 29, 2009

Someone's watching

I was too tired last night. I slept almost midnight. I was loaded with a lot of things to do because I only realized that the day was almost over after being on the computer for more than half the day. Sometimes, even when you know you have to prioritize some things, you still forget it when you get engrossed with things that you like doing.... like following people on Facebook and being nosy on their whereabouts; or chatting with friends talking about the things that you've already talked about for the millionth time.

I remember when I was still working. As a QA specialist, our job was to monitor the call center agent's productivity; as a senior to my QA team, my job was to monitor my unit's productivity as QAs.

There were a lot of ways to monitor productivity. But one of the best ways to do it is to use productivity monitoring software. A productivity monitoring software is installed on computers on the network and it lets you view the applications that are used on a remote computer without the need to physically go to that computer. It summarizes the amount of activities done per day by a certain staff on a certain computer. It even lets you view the actual window they are using. So you know whether they are working or not. Statistics such as the amount of time spent on work related versus non-work related activities and the screenshots that you save while the staffs are wasting time on non-work related applications can be used to back up your assessment of a person's productivity. It can also log the activities on a computer. You can later access the log and still get the summary of time spent on a per application basis. Another good thing about this software is that you won't get noticed while using it. People get caught big time when they don't know that someone is watching them. On the other hand, you can also inform them that there is such software that can capture the activities on their computer while they are logged in. Making them aware that someone might watch them anytime already prevents them from doing things that will intervene with their productivity. This software is also one of the best tools to use when you want to identify coaching opportunities because you get to observe how a person does his job. It will help you identify areas where a person needs help in order to maximize his/her potentials. Such a great help when you have this productivity monitoring software.

Ah, I suddenly missed doing those sorts of things. I miss the people I used to work with also. I miss using the monitoring software... I miss being caught also by my boss. No wonder that now I can be on the internet browsing and chatting without noticing I lost half of the day already. LOL. Oh wait, I guess I gave someone (my husband) an idea... Will he monitor me after he downloads the software? =)

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