Friday, November 27, 2009

Going back to the days when listening to music and playing computer games are fun!

Listening to music and playing computer games are two things that my husband and I used to enjoy when we have spare time until our very charming baby came. Hahaha. Now that Gab is a little big already and he can be asked to stay on his play area for longer than we expected, we can resume with those past times. Searching for music and games and films that can be downloaded for free is not very easy. Sometimes, you've waited long enough only to find out that the file is not complete. Well, maybe the search is over. Just found these free torrents that look simple and useful. I tried some free downloads and wow, I really guess the search is over. Looking for free torrents can be very difficult sometimes. But when it's your lucky day, you'll find one that's as useful as the free torrents that I just tried.

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