Thursday, November 26, 2009

ampatuan massacre

it's been a while since i used the computer to see what's happening around. other than the links that i click once in a while when i sign out of my yahoo messenger, i don't always look at news websites like or

a friend mentioned to me that some massacre happened in the Philippines this week but it was only today did i read about it. my heart felt as though there was something punching holes in it and the pain was just so unbearable. it saddens me when horrible things like this happen. it makes me wonder what kind of world my baby will live in after some time. it makes me worry.

i hope that the resolution of this case will put end to that kind of violence. i hope that somehow, people who are responsible will be punished and that those who are thinking of doing it will be scared to death to do it. i hope that there won't be another maguindanao/ampatuan massacre. i hope that people will think of their children before they do something this violent.

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