Friday, November 27, 2009

the reason: duplicate files

It's so relaxing to write about things you want to write about when the laptop is not acting up. Few weeks ago, our laptop started to slow down and it irritates us to use it. We found out it was because the memory was almost eaten up by a lot of files that we have saved. We realized that it's been almost half a year since we last organized. We used to back up and transfer files to our external hard drive regularly until we became very busy (or too lazy) recently. We found a lot of files stored in our system and we were just lucky enough to have found a duplicate files software that came handy in cleaning up the laptop's memory.

We thought of keeping the duplicate files software in our system so that it will be easy for us to clean up the computer's memory. We also agreed to run a regular clean up of the files that we store on the computer. I hope that we will be religious enough to follow the schedule. This laptop is helping us a lot. It's not always nice to use one that runs like a turtle... or one that couldn't run at all.


John Smith said...

Duplicate Finder 2009 is also very good duplicate files software

binaryman said...

Here is another tool to try
Directory Report

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