Thursday, November 26, 2009

will get halloween costumes for Gab next year!

It’s really nice to see kids in their Halloween costumes. When I was little, I did not get the chance to join Trick or Treat events or Halloween costume parties. Maybe, it was not a common event for the common people during our times. You know what I mean, maybe for the rich, they have these. But I noticed that now that there are malls in our province, they already have those sorts of activities during the Halloween.

When I started working in Manila, I got invited when one of my nieces celebrated her birthday party at the mall on the 31st of October. It was then that I saw kids walking from one stall to another in their Halloween costumes trick-or-treating! I thought it was fun. I thought to myself that when I have kids already, I will let them join Halloween parties. And I imagined shopping for my kid’s Halloween costumes. It was fun day dreaming that time.

Since I became Gab’s mom, I have never really shopped for a Halloween costume. Gab is only two and we (my husband and I) agreed that we’ll start involving Gab when he turns three. We want to save the money first until he’s big enough to enjoy things like that. We want him to experience it when he can already tell stories that he was part of those parties. For now, what we did was to let Gab watch the kids as they roam around the mall on their Halloween costumes. We let Gab watch movies and we let him see books with such costumes so that when it’s time for him to join, he won’t get scared.

Even if I need to wait for another year, I already started searching for nice Halloween costumes! I even got into one site where you can see different Sexy lace Halloween costumes. It's funny I browsed and saw some costumes that maybe applicable when Gab wouldn't want mommy to shop costumes for him. =)

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