Saturday, November 28, 2009

i can't get over the ampatuan massacre

i still can't get over the gruesome way of killings that happened in ampatuan. my goodness. i searched for video clips and news articles and the more i learn about the details, the more i feel sad about the incident. only evil minds can think of those ways to kill and torture.

i hope that the truth will come out. i hope that no political attachment will cover the truth. justice should be given to the victims.

let's pray for the victims. let's pray for their families. let's pray for those who did this. and let's pray for those who will implement justice.... may they do what is right.

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analou said...

Hello sis. Although I haven't heard nor read this massacre but I feel angry to these evil people who did this. I don't know if they are human or some sort of evil-devil na nilalang. They/he should be thrown in the lake of fire....I hate these kind of people. Sorry for the bad word but I just can't help it.

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