Tuesday, July 07, 2009

online learning and fun resumed

today, gab and i will resume with the online learning and fun activities that we stopped doing since the built-in audio card on this computer stopped working.

i'm pretty sure that when gab wakes up, he will be very happy that he can watch his favorite clips at youtube and he can listen to the animal sounds at kids.nationalgeographic again!

i can try al's suggestion now.... to let gab study the alphabet, reading, etc. at http://www.starfall.com/

i'm just so happy i have sounds again. :-)


Unknown said...

How long have you been doing online learning,is it effective?

analou said...

I am glad your audio card is working now. It is really fun doing the online thing. Just press here and there and Presto! How are you my friend? Hoping you all the best.

Anonymous said...

That would really be a great way to learn :)

ezekiel13 said...

Hi Duls, Gab will be smarter than ever because of you and the tools you're using.. I'd like to answer Eugene here, It's really effective!!!

gab's mom said...

yeah, sorry for the late reply,.

yes eugene, it really is effective. ;-)

gab knows a lot already because of the online resources that we're using.

thanks al for the advice. :-)

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