Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fun Time at the Mall

I emailed Gab's recent photos to his dad. He was very happy looking at the pictures and he even changed his laptop's wall paper! I think my hubby misses our son more than he misses his wife. It's fine with me just as long as no one comes in between me and my son on the list of the people whom he misses. LOL!

I also showed Gab's photos to my friends. I enjoyed their comments. Some of them, who after not seeing Gab for more than a year, said that he's not a baby anymore. And that he'd be as tall as his mom when he turns 8.

Gab's Lolo and Lola (Filipino for Grandpa and Grandma) actually asked me to have his pictures printed so that they can put 'em in their wallets and show to anyone they meet outside. Can you say they are proud grandparents? LOL.

And so Gab and I went to the mall again to have his digital photos printed. We printed several copies in different sizes. (The mom also wants to have photos in her wallet. LOL.)

Gab and I spent a couple of hours walking, playing and eating today. It was tiring but full of fun!

P.S. Below are some of the photos that were printed in different sizes!!!

P.S.2. Hey are you kidding me? You're not supposed to notice it! I'm trying hard not to sound proud. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're GAB is so adorable :D Who would have not missed him.

Anonymous said...

ang CUTE! :D

dhayveed said...

Dulce, ang laki na nga ni Gab! :-)

sundayitsreginalove said...

kelan to?..hAHaha

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