Sunday, March 22, 2009

gab's first zoo adventure

we brought gab to the zoo for the first time the other day. everybody was excited. gab has been watching the barney at the zoo cd for quite a while now and he's almost memorized every animal that's featured in the cd. he learned a lot of tricks.

he stretches his arm upwards to act as if he's an elephant with a trunk and he makes a funny sound.
he acts silly like a monkey by scratching his chest with both hands.
he rests his hand on the nearest table or wall to stand on one foot like a flamingo.
he opens his mouth wide like the hippo’s.
he smiles a lot every time he sees all the favorite scenes on the "zoo" cd.

we were all excited to see how gab would act in front of the real animals. we were so happy to find out that unlike any other boys and girls of his age, he was not scared of the animals that he saw at the zoo. he pointed at each of the animals and he did all his tricks. he ran around the zoo.

until now, gab can't get over the happy experience yet. when we reached home, he was already asleep. but he woke up early the following day, asked his dad to watch the cd with him and watched over and over again. he was reminiscing, i'm guessing. =)

gab enjoyed the trip a lot. but mom and dad enjoyed it more to see how gab is learning fast and exploring... and enjoying along the way.

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ezekiel13 said...

wow duls I hope you captured that in a video, masarap panoorin yan ng paulit-ulit e.. nagiging kamukha mo na nga si Gab e.. duls napanood ko yung firestarter.. hawig mo pala si Drew Barrymore nung bata pa sya..

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