Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wanted: manang

Manang, our household helper, left the other day. She had to go home to the province because her mom is at the hospital and the condition is quite critical. We felt sad when we learned about the news because Manang promised us right from the start that she won't leave us until Gab is 2 and a half already. We knew though that if there's an emergency that will require her to leave, we can't prevent her from leaving... and this one is the emergency that we thought we understood we were ready about.

Gab already got used to her... I got used to her also... and every one else in the house got used to her already. She's been with us for longer than every one else who became our elper.

We're back to the situation when we're on our own again. We're once again hit by the reality that household help is in demand.... one of the occupations that's not affected by the global crisis. hehehehe.

It's difficult to have a year and a half baby asking to play with you while you're washing the dishes or the laundry... but we're holding on until we find another manang.

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