Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Jake and the Never land Pirates

In one of the sources I read, a child age 4 may know a whopping 1,500 words or more though he may still mispronounce many words. In Gab's case, he mispronounces a lot of words specifically in song lyrics. Well, I guess it's not more of mispronouncing the words but unfamiliarity of the lyrics. One of the favorite theme songs he likes to sing recently is Jake and the Never land Pirates. My husband and I would laugh our hearts out each time we hear him sing this song. We wonder how he came up with his own lyrics.

Just now, I searched YouTube for this song and Google for the lyrics. For the past couple of hours, I have been playing the video and trying to sing the lyrics. It is very difficult, I realized. No wonder Gab is mumbling and faltering when singing this song.

I will master this and the next step is to make Gab familiar with the lyrics as well. I'm sure we will enjoy it more if Gab can sing this song with the right words.

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