Friday, September 02, 2011

Moira Kelly, legal guardian of Emmanuel Kelly

I was totally touched by the Emmanuel Kelly video that I did a little bit more of reading. I admire Moira Kelly and for me, she deserves high respect for standing as the legal guardian of both Emmanuel and his brother Ahmed Mustafa. Considering the physical impairment of them both, it is very commendable for her to bring them to her care.

I found out that Moira Kelly is an Australian humanitarian worker who has been (for many years of her life) doing service to disadvantaged children. She is also the legal guardian of the originally cranially conjoined twins from Bangladesh, Trishna and Krishna, separated in 2009 in a 32-hour operation at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital. (source: wikipedia)

Such a selfless person. It is very humbling to realize how huge a person of her kind can give and how little some of us can share, and yet we think we are all so consumed already.

I like what one of the judges said after Emmanuel Kelly's performance. "It just makes everything that you worry about so pathetic." True enough, sometimes we think that we are too burdened. Yet when we look around, everything that we worry about is just really pathetic.

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