Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh my goodness, 5 KGs more?!?

Oh my goodness, 5 KGs more?!? I started feeling conscious about my weight (almost 3 months ago) when my ankle learned to shout "OUCH!". For almost half a year now, I have been experiencing pins and needles on my feet. The doctor advised that I should lose weight and that the extra KGs I have put on over the past year is making me suffer. Since I started controlling my eating habits, I lost 3 KGs. But there's 5 KGs more!!

I wonder what I should do to not lose my patience in trying to lose such big excess on my weight. My grade says "SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT".

HELP! Feel free to drop me your advice on how I can successfully work this out. I'm scared to get more sickness because of this condition.

Note: Below is the Body Weight Chart in case you wish to check how normal your weight is.

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