Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Household Manager

I was chatting online with one of my best friends the other day and she told me that another company wants to hire her as the new HR Manager. I was so happy to hear the news because I know that for the longest time, she's been stressed with her job. I congratulated her and told her that I am so glad that her time to really refresh her life has finally come.

"You can bid the trash place (that's what we call her office because of all the junk=heartaches=problems she gets from the place) goodbye!"
And I continued, "I miss the old days.
When there were not many complications.
When we could go out to eat or see a movie even if the only money we had left in our pockets was enough for a ride home.
Student life was just so amazing.
We were so relaxed.
We had so much freedom.
Not like now, there are just a lot of concerns.

With great power comes great responsibilities, yes?"
We both laughed.

She remained quiet, as if thinking about the changes that she'll soon embrace when she starts with the new company.
I told her, "A manager's mind is always after the long term welfare of the business, whatever that is.
Now that we are managers, we should always be careful."

After saying that, I thought for a moment that maybe my friend's internet got disconnected. Then my phone started to ring and it was her. She was screaming on top of her lungs.
"Why did you not tell me you are working again?"
And she added, "How could you keep a promotion like that from us, your best friends? I can't wait until the rest of the girls hear about this".

Her mouth was like emitting lightning, faster than sound. I never got the chance to say anything until my ear drums were swollen. When she calmed down, I explained. "I told you all about these! You were just not listening. I've been promoted as the Manager of our Household! Yes, I have a full time work and I think I finally found my career! Who said I put my college degree into nothing when I quit my job? Being a Household Manager is not as easy as most people believe it is. They don't have a clue.

Mothers are managers.
And as long as their hearts beat, no worldwide crisis of any form will let the business down.

All she muttered was "O yeah, right. I miss my mom. Hey, is it mother's day yet?"

And we both laughed again.

Household managers are not always mothers. They can be fathers in some cases. Be it a father or a mother, the job stays the same.... Tough but always splendid and thrilling.

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ezekiel13 said...

wow duls nakarelate ako d2 ah... naipasok mo sa PS yung situation ko hehe... you are absolutely right about this, people who never get a chance to experience being a stay-at-home parent will never get a clue how tough it really is.

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