Saturday, February 21, 2009

i am a full time mom and i love it

i am a full time mom and i soooooo love it! it's just so great i can't wait to write about it. there's so much to learn, so much to share. there's just a lot.

i am a full time mom of a healthy charming baby boy who just turned 1 year and 4 months. i was working when i realized that what i really want is to spend time with my baby (and my other babies in the future) and my lovely husband. i gave up my career for one that's more challenging BUT FULLFILLING. yes, i said it's challenging... it really is! (this challenging part i did not realize until i had a taste of it... i bet those who gave me a "no" advice on quitting my job are raising their eyebrows now. hah!!). but, did you notice i was on caps lock when i said the BUT?

here is a list of the few things which hit me when finally i had a taste of being a full time mom:
1. i lost the right to complain about not having enough sleep.. yes, this is on top of the list. sleeping was the only reason i'd give up a yummy snack!! can you imagine how difficult it was? hehehe.
2. i started to work for a very young boss... my baby. and this young boss is more demanding than my previous bosses. he will start screaming if i don't move fast (like when he needs to be fed. hahaha). this is not covered by any labor law or something.
3. no money ever came out of my atm account... my payroll atm account. bye to the "buying without thinking" days.

there's a lot more i think that i should add on the list above. but everything comes sweet every time i see the real reason why i love to do this. i know deep inside me that i should share it to all moms... and dads... and kids.. to everybody.

one very important thing that i found out was that i have plenty of time. i always thought that there's not enough time no matter how hard i try to budget it. i was wrong. i realized that the more time i spend in doing things that are "BIG", the more time i have left for all the other things that i want to do. you puzzled now?

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ezekiel13 said...

full time parent is really something.. It's the hardest but enjoyable job I've tried in my whole life. I'm not ashamed being at home and not working in the corporate world if the reason for it is to be with my child. Have the best of both worlds, actually!!!
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