Sunday, February 22, 2009

I started by organizing.

Just like in a common job, you start by organizing. I did the same by filing important documents related to my ex-job. I arranged my personal things according to “the most commonly used” to the “not so used” stuff since I no longer will be reporting to the office. I bagged and disposed things that are not used, in short, junk! (Hey, I should mention that I made money by getting rid of the clutter.) I also organized the house. I placed things where I wanted to see them. I enjoyed it. I got the chance to scan through old pictures... I saw the things which I thought were lost, like the lovely watch given to me by my husband during one of our anniversaries... It was a great start. I was so excited. I knew that if I continue feeling the way I felt during those times, I would be a very happy full time mom!

After almost a year, I still enjoy ORGANIZING. (I'm not saying I was never organized before I became a full time mom!! It's just that I was a little out of focus.) When you realize you have a business to run, i.e. our household, you spend a lot of time thinking and organizing. See, that’s one thing I thought I never would have enough time for.

I read a lot about organizing. I mentioned I get a little out of focus sometimes right? That's why I need a lot of information to feed my appetite for being organized. This one is a great list of tips (from which I printed out the moment I found it. I read it at least once a day hoping (by acting of course) that I can be as organized as I have always wanted.

P.S. I especially love this one. Very true.

29. Mental Clutter. Professional Organizer, Maria Gracia, says that the most important things to toss at the end of the year are any preconceptions and limiting ideas you may have. “If you see yourself as always being overwhelmed and in a state of constant crisis or chaos, you will be. If you always feel that you are behind the eight ball, it's time to move the ball. Your confidence and positive attitude are your most valuable assets. Before you can have a clean home and an organized life, you must be convinced that you CAN. Never forget that being organized means having your life functioning in an efficient manner. It's not about having your stuff in perfectly matching, color-coordinated boxes. It's about having your things in a place where you can find and easily access them. It's about having systems in place that allow us to pay our bills when they are due, make it to appointments on time and prioritize our obligations in a way that best benefits ourselves and our families.”

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