Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where Gab is now, Mom and Dad are surely very proud.

Since Gab started to lift his head (this happened before he turned 2 months old), browsing articles on baby and child development has become our (me and my husband) pastime. It’s amazing how a baby learns new things. Gab turned 1 year and 4 months this February and we are so happy he’s learned a lot already. I am not sure if my mom is merely proud of her youngest grandchild or my baby is just smarter than all other kids in the family. Hehehehe. Why? Because she always tells us that Gab is outstanding and that she’s always surprised every time she’s told about the new things that Gab can do.

I found this article and decided to get my hands writing comments on every item. I realized my husband and I are doing great as first time parents. See my comments below.

Development Through Your Child’s Eyes: 8 to 18 Months

I Learn About What My Body Can Do

I can make marks on paper with crayons. I can stack and line up books. I can feed myself with my fingers. If my family encourages me, I can use a spoon and can drink from a cup.
Gab knows how to hold pens and crayons and he knows that you use them to write on papers... or sometimes magazines... or books... or on the walls!!! Isn't my son cute?

I can crawl, then walk, then run! I love to try to climb stairs but still need a lot of help with this.
Gab climbs stairs and hurries when he knows someone is after him.

I want to help you get me dressed and undressed. I can push my foot into my shoe and my arm into my sleeve.
Yes, he knows these too.

I Learn About My Feelings and Who I Am

I feel important and loved when you listen to, talk to, and play with me; when you love and cuddle me; when you encourage me to explore and join in my discoveries; when you show that you are proud of me.
Yes this is true. He can play all day when he’s playing with me but he never enjoys it when I leave him with his toys while I do my errands.

I have favorite people, toys, food, and clothing. I can point to and tell you the names of many parts of my body. I begin to use “me” and “mine.”
favourite people: grandma, tito bong, mommy, daddy and manang
favourite toys: green car, ball and its hoop, “the noisy gun”, the broken laptop toy
Favorite food: milk, soups,cakes, chips
favourite shirt: yellow sponge bob shirt (watch him get the shirt from his drawer... he’ll shortly kiss and dance with sponge bob..)

I have strong feelings and may express them with gusto. I might say “No!” a lot or give orders, like telling you to “Sit there!” to show you I know what I want and that I have a mind of my own.
He shakes his head so hard when he means “NO” and he nods a lot when he means YES.

Separations are hard. I may even cry when I see you again after we have been apart because I’ve missed you so much.
The first thing he asks me to do (after being away even for just an hour) when he sees me is to carry him. He will hug me tightly and tap my back as if saying...It’s nice you came back already or I’ll be very sad.

I like to make choices. Doing so helps me feel that I am competent and that I have some control.
He changes channel on the TV.
He gives me the disc that he wants to watch.... recently, he always picks Barney at the Zoo.

Routines help me know what to expect and to feel safe and secure.
He's got his own routine too.

I can get frustrated and angry pretty easily because there are so many things I want to do that I can’t do yet. I may push, hit, or bite. I need you to help me manage my strong feelings, but it will still take time for me to learn better self-control.
He likes reaching for things that are somewhere he can’t reach them. He becomes frustrated but forgets about it after some tries. Perhaps he realizes he needs to wait (for him to grow taller or for someone to help him).

Even though I understand when you tell me “No!” or “Stop!” I still can’t keep myself from doing things I shouldn’t.
Yes, he still hits the screen door a lot!!!

One minute I might act really independent. The next, I act like a little baby who needs you to do everything for me. Being a "big kid" can be scary sometimes. I need to know that you or someone else I trust will always be there to care for me.

I Learn About People, Objects and How Things Work

I like to be with other children, but kids my age still don’t know how to share. You can help us learn to take turns.
He likes to be with children a lot but kids in the neighbourhood loves to hug him and touch him and pinch his cheeks... Oh he hates it!!!

I imitate you. I see how you talk with other people and how you do things like cleaning, caring for the dog, cooking dinner, fixing things around the house.
He likes to water the plants. (water the plants = play with water)

I am a little scientist. I want to explore during? every waking moment so I can figure out how everything works—from how to get you to read my favorite book to how to make the block fit in the hole or how to make my music box start again.
Little scientists can be very dangerous most of the times. He already found out how to unplug appliances from the wall socket and he already knows how to fit things in a hole!!! Amazing! He unplugs the fan, pushes the button and tries to plug it back when the blade doesn’t spin!! GGGGrrrrrrr.

I learn that people and things exist even when I can’t see them. (This ability is called “object permanence.”) So I may protest when you leave the room, start calling for you in the middle of the night, look for the ball that has rolled behind the couch.
He learned these too.

Separations can be really hard. Seeing that you always come back will help make separations easier over time.

I Learn to Communicate and Relate

I use my body, sounds, words and facial expression to let you know what I am thinking and feeling.
He taps on the chair when he wants to join us on the table.
He smiles a lot and frowns often.

I point to show you what interests me, so you'll look too and tell me about what I see.
He knows where the cows live.

I create long babble sentences. I may be able to say a few words or use consistent sounds for words, like "baba" for bottle. I may push the cracker that I don't want off the high chair and say "nuh."
I understand a lot more than I can say. I can follow simple directions like "Go get your ball."
Absolutely right! He understands a lot more than he can say!!!

I imitate what you say. So don't be surprised if you hear the words you use coming out of my mouth!
We see him on the floor holding his grnadpa’s newspaper and pen and writing as if he’s really solving the crossword puzzle!!!

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ezekiel13 said...

I can see myself to you during the time when we are working in the office together.. I'm so proud of Clarence hehe.. if you could still remember, I always show in office some of Clarence videos, I tend to email his pictures to all even if others were not that interested.. well, I'll wait for them becoming a parent, let's see what they will do, dba? I don't know what's going on me, it's really a great great feeling. Gab is so blessed to have parents like you, I know he will grow up smart, disciplined and a very very nice kid. Hey, may I ask of his videos.. if you don't mind. I always check his pics in your fs account..

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