Monday, May 25, 2009

change.. it always comes

a lot of things will change during the next few weeks. change, as many people would say, is very painful. it entails a lot of guts to face the differences. it becomes very stressful to some... and for others, change simply becomes a challenge that they have to beat.

i can't say now how i'm actually going to face it (i have some plans that i hope will work). but sure it will hit some part of me. and sure as i am, i'll deal with it in the best way that i could.

yes i agree, change is painful... but we just have to live with it... it always comes.

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Dorothy L said...

Ahhh...yes change is painful at times...there is never anything gained if there is no pain.
The pains of learning and growing are there for a be understood and learned by.

It also depends on how we look at some changes...we can easily avoid the pain by accepting things we cannot change:)
Have a very nice day!

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