Thursday, May 14, 2009

simplify, it works.

i read the book again. since i realized that my financial life was in a really bad shape some few years back, i started reading books. and, one book that truly helped me was this book called simplify by bo sanchez. since i read this book for the first time, i told myself that i'll read the book as often as i could so i can be reminded that there's something that i should do/change about the way i live.

one favorite part of the book that i read again and again is "live on less, and delight in it more"
the author said "relish, taste and immerse yourself in the divine and ordinary! because if you develop the capacity to suck all the joy that life has to offer, you don't need expensive entertainment"

as a teenager, i thought that if i can buy things that my classmates and friends can buy from their baon, i can be happier. when i grew older, i realized i was wrong. before i grew older, i did not realize that there's a way to cut the expenses. and so again, when i grew older... i was faced with problems. can you still follow the order of events? :-)

after reading the book again, i did some review and i realized that i was doing great so far. i'm 85% accomplished. deadline is december 31, 2009.

if you are in trouble, read the book. if you don't have any troubles (yet), read the book.

simplify. it works.

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Hi, Saw that you mentioned "Bo Sanchez" (Simplify and Create Abundance) if so - you might be interested to reserve your Nov 28-29, 2009 for a chance to hear him live/see him/have your books signed at the Araneta Coliseum for the once in a lifetime event "Dream Big, Win Big".

It's a big learning event about "dreaming big in your life and using your core gifts to follow your dream". Yes it's a catholic event, there's mass and worship but there's also a lot of singing and dancing and comedy as well as the huge message on big dreams. See you or your friends there!

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