Friday, May 22, 2009

heart attack

just finished chatting with a friend and found out that his mom was rushed to the hospital few days ago due to a heart attack. it was not a long chat but i felt how sad and stressed and tired my friend was. he told me he's been on leave for a few days now attending to her mom/family's needs. i've known this person very well and i'm sure he's been sleepless since that day. having this kind of situation is really emotionally, physically and financially stressful.

sometimes, when i hear news like this, i also get scared. i want to be as healthy as i could for myself and my family. and i want my family to be healthy too.

i know that to prevent conditions like this, one should have healthy diet and enough exercise. maybe i should start looking for better recipes to cook. i'm afraid our diet now is not really that healthy. i should be searching for more recipes with vegies and beef and white meat.

can you help? :-)

and perhaps i should also start walking.... with my family.. for fun and for health.


Dave Lucas said...

Stuff happens. DON'T LET IT SCARE YOU! By "being scared" you are leaving a window open in your psyche for bad things to fly in. When you feel that way, ask yourslef "What am I happy about?" Your brain will immediaitely switch gears and even if you are not happy you soon will be... try it and let me know if it works for you!

ezekiel13 said...

Duls friend ko din ba tong friend na sinasabi mo?

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