Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hypokalemia caused by too much cola intake?

I was reading on the internet when I came across the Yahoo Health article "Too Much Cola Can Cause Muscle Problems". It talks about experiencing weak muscles or even paralysis when a person's potassium level drops due to too much (between 2 to 9 liters) intake of cola per day.

Having read it made me think about my cola drinking habits. I listed some of the occasions when I excessively (but not reach the 2 to 9 L threshold) drink cola. I identified the following:

1. When we dine out or when we are in a place where we are not sure about the safety of the available water. (Should we start bringing a bottle of clean water every time we go out?)

2. When we eat fried and junk food. (Cola is the best match that I know for these but maybe I should cut on the junk to avoid its match.)

3. When it's too hot or when I'm tired or I feel down. (I realized that I won't have this on the list if I don't put cola in the fridge in the first place! LOL.)

Whether Hypokalemia or diabetes or high blood pressure or any other health issues, I think the cause is mainly the decision that we take when it comes to the food and the amount of it that we intake. As the old saying goes, anything in excess is bad.

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eugene said...

you are so very right anything in excess is sure detrimental....

take care

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