Monday, June 22, 2009

being senior in high school, fun or nightmare?

Senior year in high school I think is for most people one of the coolest experiences in life. It’s the time when you get the chance to become superior at school. It’s when you get harassed with all the requirements but you still keep up with the parties and the good times. It’s when your all anxious about passing all the subjects or you’ll suffer another year at school… and the worst part is that you’re gonna have to spend it with the people whom you have bullied all year round– the juniors. LOL. No one likes that! With all the excitement and fun of being a senior is the pressure of qualifying for that dream college or university which you have started to dream about because either cute guys are all over the place or nothing, you just wanna belong.

I was talking to a niece and she was whining about all the stress she already got this early. They only started the school year last week and she said she’s always up late to finish all the home works. Add to that the tough training they were given on the first weekend (and it will be given every lovely Saturdays thereafter) which she used to spend watching her favorite mushy movies.

Well, I’m not sure if the times have changed and the senior year is not as fun as before, but, I think if that’s their school’s way of preparing them for more challenges in the future, she should start getting used to it. What she can do is find ways to relax when done with all her home works and stop whining!!! Again, stop whining!!! Find ways to enjoy! After all, I don’t remember any elder saying that having fun is forbidden when you’re asked to stay focused and drill a hole all week on your study table.

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hahahahaha. i thought it was just a joke! you really did post one about ME! hahaha. i'm not so stressed anymore.☺

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