Friday, June 19, 2009

I learned Spanish

I learned a lot of Spanish words today! We bought a “Fiesta” CD of the Sesame Street some few weeks ago but my kid did not like it at first. And because we bought other CDs with it…. Barney and Dora which he likes better… weeks passed without watching the Fiesta CD. I decided to add some “lively participation” when I tried to convince Gab that Fiesta is as interesting as the other new CDs. Now, Gab requests for it when it’s movie time for him. Mom’s lively, and add to that, silly participation when watching always works in pinning Gab’s eyes on the TV. LOL.

As I said, I learned some Spanish words after watching it for the nth time now. When Gab learns to talk, I’m pretty sure he can say and understand the words listed below. =)

Hola – Hello/Hi
Carnaval – Big Festival / Street Party
Carroza – Float
Uno - one
Dos - two
Tres - three
Cuatro - four
Cinco - five
Seis -six
Siete -seven
Ocho - eight
Nueve- nine
Diez – ten
Buenos Diaz – Good Morning
Buenas Tardes – Good afternoon
Amigo – friend
Siesta – nap
casa de los alimentos – house of food
arroz – rice
papa – potato
gracias – thanks

There’s actually a lot more Spanish words used in the educational CD. If you are a mom or a parent or you are thinking of a gift for a little one, then maybe this one is a great idea.

P.S. I just don’t like Oscar. The CD is for the little ones so I think his attitude of being harsh or different to the other characters is not appropriate.


Imelda said...

i learned too. thanks for this. i hope ul post more, lol.buenos tardes amiga!

Dana Telco said...

Hola and gracias. :)

ezekiel13 said...

I agree about oscar, when he's in the scene I always tell Clarence that Oscar is one grumpy monster and he should not follow his behavior. i think that's Oscar purpose in Sesame Street for the kids to see what's to be like being a grouch.
Mi Guapo, no reklamo hehehe :)

eva said...

sino si oscar? hehe. sooner makikilala ko na din sila pag dyan na si baby. =)

gab's mom said...

LOL. eva, i'll tell you who oscar is. will write about it. hahahaha.

gab's mom said...

ezekiel13, you're brilliant. I was gonna despise Oscar but you made me realize that his role gives parents an opportunity to educate the kids. Thumbs up!!

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