Friday, June 26, 2009

Benefits of Walking

It's been a few days since Gab and I got the chance to have our morning walk bonding. As I said earlier, it's because for the past few days, it's been drizzling and all we can do was watch Gab's favorite cartoon DVDs.

I so like it when I spend half an hour or so everyday bonding with my baby. We get to bond and exercise at the same time.

Gab enjoys walking around.. chasing birds and butterflies... watching other kids playing outside... giving hand salute when we pass by the subdivsion guard... and following his shadow when the sun is up and smiling :-)

Mom enjoys the walk also... I get the chance to teach Gab other things like the fun of exploring... things that we can't learn inside the house while playing with his toys, learning from his books and the internet, and watching DVDs. I enjoy it most importantly because I know that with the little time I spend walking, I get lots of other benefits.

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